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Our Story

Are you in the mood for delicious food using fresh ingredients at an affordable price? If so, then we are the spot for you.
We opened Izanami to offer scrumptious food to our diners that can be enjoyed in our restaurant or picked up for a fantastic feast in the comfort of your home.

Our menu features many mouth-watering dishes including amazing specials like our award winning house speciality sashimi and roll. We love doing our part to feed the local community. Try us out today, you will not be disappointed! Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Dillon Williams

Food was amazing both times I have been there. Everyone enjoyed what they ordered. There is a nearby parking lot. The place itself is very open and welcoming. Zero complaints, great experience all round.

Michael Hill-Jackson

Mala tonkatu (extra spicy) was so good! The more the fried chicken soaked in the broth, the better it was. Not sure how I devoured the broth considering it was burning my lips off. Guess I like it! I also ordered gyoza that was perfectly fried and came with the most perfect sauce.

Jenny Ross

Food was outstanding. Their ramen & sushi lunch combo was exactly what I wanted. The tuna used for the Tekka Don melted in my mouth and the chicken ramen was perfectly spicy and flavorful. Would go here regularly if I was local.

Sandrine Gautier-Ethier

I got delivery from them to the focus hotel in august 2015. It was a little expensive but worth it! The fish is fresh and you found real crabs in the california roll. They have a wide and interesting choice of sushis. Very good!

Karen Y.

I'm always down for a good bowl of ramen. This place is one of those places for me. I like that it is somewhat spacious. They have a room in the back that could be rented for a private party. We have had two holiday parties there and the staff are amazing!

Paula L.

I love this place!!!!! I am totally addicted to the spicy garlic miso ramen, it is to DIE for. I only ever have the opportunity to eat from here via takeout but the atmosphere is very nice and aesthetically pleasing. The staff has always been really nice to me when I come.